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Chair Massage

Let us set up at your next event, and your guests pay


Hire us at $75/hour

Chair massage is a wonderful, relaxing addition to any corporate event, office party, private party, or wedding. Our therapists bring their own luxuriously comfortable, portable massage chair right to you. They supply all the amenities; all you have to do is sit down, relax, and enjoy!

Set the tone for that next meeting or office party!

Treat your employees to the gift of stress-relief.

Or let us come in and your staff pays $1 per minute for their chair massage.

Pamper your wedding party!

Enjoy a relaxing chair massage before your big day.

After the rehearsal dinner, we will set up in your hotel room to pamper your wedding party

before the festivities begin!

Invite to set up at your next festival or event!

We travel to you and take care of all your massage, yoga, and meditative needs!

Pamper your guests!

Enjoy relaxing chair massages during your shower.

We'll take care of all the details; you just relax and enjoy your party!

We'll "Split the Pot" with your organization!

Guests enjoy relaxing chair massages during your fundraiser!

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